Three very wise monkeys

wise monkeys

Keep watching, listening to and talking about Burma. From the Free Burma demo and rally held in London.

Of course it won’t do much good unless China, India and Thailand do something about it too, along with the pusillanimous and self-serving west. And the UN. So let’s keep campaigning for that to happen.

(Picture from my mobile because my camera’s broken and I went to the rally on the way to take it in to be mended. A month without it!)

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  1. I’m afraid so. One moment the screen worked, the next moment it didn’t. I’m told that in the past, before my time this would be, everyone took photographs without being able to see immediately what they looked like 🙂

    That particular blindness is not necessarily very troubling (I took a few after the screen fritzed) but unfortunately without being able to see the menus, which of course are only visible on the screen, I can’t change any of the settings.

    It’s been sent off to Olympus to be mended, free of charge. Apparently it’s the first time they’ve seen such a fault, at least in the shop where I bought it.

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