Progress in work


The red light special hat (see previous progress entry for details) is coming along nicely, apart from my forgetting to check the length of the lining against the length of the body of the hat sufficiently regularly. I sailed past the point at which the two should have been knitted together and, utterly unprepared to unpick several rows of fair isle, will have to hem it in at the end.

The line up the middle of the pattern is one of the four “false seams” which are also the lines along which the decreases for the crown will be made.

In retrospect I should have ordered the colours differently – dark orange, pink and light orange. But one lives and learns.

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  1. That brooklyntweed blog is a great and mighty wonder isn’t it? Your pointing me to it coincided with discovering Loch Sunart yarns while looking for a couple of paua shell buttons, and I’m seriously thinking of taking up needles again… gotta be simple though.

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