5 Replies to “Disturbing”

  1. Heh. This reminds me of a closeup of a pitcher-plant I shot at the Wellesley College greenhouse last year, which reminded me of a friend who had to cover a similarly suggestive botanical image in a Georgia O’Keefe calendar because she didn’t want to contemplate it while she ate dinner.

    When you think that flowers are actually sex organs, it seems that much more delightful that they are so shamelessly frilled, ruffled, and furred.

  2. This question sounds really ploddy or dorky after that last comment but I don’t care: rachel, did you use a tripod for that shot?

  3. Andrew, the short answer is no. It was grey and overcast so I compensated by .3 of a stop and bracketed. And don’t forget that I’ve got the tiniest, lightest camera-and-lens combo on the market so it significantly reduces shake. (Until the new weeny Olympus with anti-shake in the body comes out… oh the temptation is going to be too, too terrible.)

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