Madness redux

I went to the Madvertisement photoshoot. “It’s been manic here” said the man overseeing operations, without showing the faintest trace of being aware of what he’d just said.

I went in my best mutton dressed up as lamb juicy street duds but with a smart outfit as requested in the e-mail. The lamb’s fleece did not impress the arty people – most other people had turned up with max street cred it seemed.

“The set’s really retro 50s, flying ducks on the wall” I was told. “Well”, I ventured, “I have got a vintage 50s outfit with me since you asked for both casual and smart”. This turned out to be just what the shrink ordered so I retired to the nearby toilet and emerged as mutton dressed as mutton.

Those shoes, though, they’re worth a picture of their own one day. Bought in 1988 from Emma Hope‘s first London store they are black suede, called “jabot” and have a wavy crest running up the front worthy of the greatest crested newt in existence.

The photographer’s assistant used my camera to take a picture of the photographer taking the picture. Using a mac, of course.

it's been manic 1

I assume, judging by the image on the screen, that the official angle is more flattering than the unofficial. But why, I wonder, have a modern digital radio on the sideboard.

And in other madness news, the mental health charity, Mind, is inviting all mental health service users and survivors to send in their art for an installation to celebrate 60 years of the charity. M.A.D. art – Making A Difference. I’m going to print up some photographs.

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  1. Nice outfit and you look glamorous and interesting, but I don’t get the relevance of the fifties interior or the point of you looking like a much older version of yourself rather than yourself as you are now… What is the point of recruiting a particular category of person as models if you then turn them into something else?

  2. Thanks Ivy! Jean, I have no idea of the relevance either. However I’m not sure I was supposed to *be* mad. The point of the film, as far as I could gather, was to point out that it’s very difficult to tell by looking who is and who isn’t.

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