Heaven in water

heaven in water

I believd I could see heaven by looking into the water.

John Clare, quoted by Iain Sinclair in Edge of the Orison: In the Traces of John Clare’s “Journey Out of Essex”

I wrote my thesis on the bird poems of John Clare for no better reason than that John Clare was my brother’s favourite poet and after his death a year or so earlier I had inherited many of his books including John Clare: Bird Poems published by the Folio Society with illustrations by Thomas Bewick. Oh, and I also liked birds.

I ended up liking John Clare very much indeed too. He was mad of course.

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  1. Beautiful picture. I’ll look at John Clare again. You do give your photos wonderful titles which complement them perfectly, and open doors to more possibilities.

  2. Clare and Blake were the best of a bad lot (Romantic poets) IMO. Clare’s badger poem is a particular favorite.

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