My revered colleague Rebecca has tagged me on the “Five things people don’t know about me” thing.

I love her intro to her own five things…

There are many things people don’t know about me. There’s a reason I don’t write about those things on this blog: I’m not interested in putting my entire life on the web, actually.

So very wise. I, on the other hand, might have to make something(s) up.

1. I won a national handwriting competition. At the age of seven. For seven year olds, of course.
2. I once made love to a spy in his office in his country’s embassy beneath the presidential portrait, was locked in overnight so his servants wouldn’t tell his absent wife of his infidelity on her return from a trip abroad and spent several interesting hours going through the contents of his desk by torch-light.
3. I can juggle.
4. The firstborn was produced in a toilet (the room, not the plumbing) to which I had retreated because the midwives didn’t believe I was in labour. The doctors said he had a fractured skull as a result of an abrupt landing on hard tiles and took him away and put him in the neonatal icu. The hospital falsified the account of the incident on the official record. It took several years to have the details amended and this probably only happened at all because my friend and witness happened to be a journalist at an influential television company and the consultant responsible retired.
5. I have not read a single book in the last two years.

I should now tag five more people shouldn’t I. I’ll tag Andrew because he tagged me once; Feng37 because of his line “I don’t want funny stories from my past to come and bite me on the ass for pretending like I’ve never done anything antisocial or perverted“; Hg because he probably has some funny stories from his past he’s yearning for an excuse to air; Krista because they’re bound to be fascinating and Lucy because she’s new to this blogging lark and has to be blooded in memes.

4 Replies to “Pentatag”

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  2. You bugger. There I was thanking providence I was too insignificant to have that happen to me. And actually most of the stupid and/or sordid things from the dim and distant past you do know abut anyway. But thanks for the link.

  3. *blink* dude, those were a really good five things.

    sorry i missed you in britain, i winged home early to take care of things on the first. next time i’m out i’ll use my special foreigner powers to bug andrew for a dinner, i promise!

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