Music laughter love fun happiness

So many wonderful people. I started a list in my head last night and it was long, long, long. Long. Even longer than long.

I am so lucky. I am so grateful.

Teju has given us man-music to see the year out. Here’s the distaff (with one small alteration – who would have thought a rose room to be female-free?) to keep it company.

1. Diana Krall: Come Dance With Me
2. Marina Laslo: My Funny Valentine
3. Edith Piaf: La Vie En Rose
4. Sarah Vaughan: Perdido

6 Replies to “Music laughter love fun happiness”

  1. Happy New Year, qB! May the new year bring you all good things, and maybe even a trip back to visit us on this side of the pond!

  2. woof woof!

    And a happy new year one and all.

    Maizy barked long and loud at the fireworks but they’re all done now.

  3. Thanks for those joy-making, dance-inducing sounds and for your stunning pictures and words. Happy 2007, dear Fizzylogic.

    Tech question: how do you put sounds/recordings into those arrow thingies to play on your blog? Tell me by email?

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