Music laughter love fun happiness

So many wonderful people. I started a list in my head last night and it was long, long, long. Long. Even longer than long.

I am so lucky. I am so grateful.

Teju has given us man-music to see the year out. Here’s the distaff (with one small alteration – who would have thought a rose room to be female-free?) to keep it company.

1. Diana Krall: Come Dance With Me
2. Marina Laslo: My Funny Valentine
3. Edith Piaf: La Vie En Rose
4. Sarah Vaughan: Perdido

6 Replies to “Music laughter love fun happiness”

  1. Oh joy, to have a bark from the other side of the valley answering my bark. This pleases me no end. Thank you.

  2. Happy New Year, qB! May the new year bring you all good things, and maybe even a trip back to visit us on this side of the pond!

  3. woof woof!

    And a happy new year one and all.

    Maizy barked long and loud at the fireworks but they’re all done now.

  4. Thanks for those joy-making, dance-inducing sounds and for your stunning pictures and words. Happy 2007, dear Fizzylogic.

    Tech question: how do you put sounds/recordings into those arrow thingies to play on your blog? Tell me by email?

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