Lost and Stranded

A knock on the door, the postman bearing a parcel – “Degradamailer” said the pine green plastic package, “The Biothene mailer starts to degrade upon exposure to sunlight and heat”. It’s reusable, too. Presumably before it degrades.

Inside, neatly fitted into the perfectly-sized ziplock bag, was my carefully selected wool from Blacker Yarns which, after much hemming and hawing, I’d chosen (mostly from the current Christmas special offer section – check it out!) to make Kate Davies’s sublime Tortoise and Hare sweater. Shetland Katmogit, Shetland White, Border Leicester (all undyed) and Corriedale dyed olive green. I sat crooning over the sweater-to-be-in-a-bag for some considerable time.

tortoise and hare (in ball)

Placing it carefully on the side of my desk I turned to the keyboard to find, winking from the screen, the news that Kate’s just released another pattern. Caller Herrin’. And then I found (via Ravelry) this post from someone who’s already made it. Seascapes, soundscapes, landscapes, knitscapes, inscapes. Virtual Yarns. I am lost (in the delightful sense of having been found).

I’ve made five hats and a hooded scarf in the last four weeks and still have Christmas knitting to go. But soon, soon I shall be stranded (in, of course, the delightful sense of colour-work knitting).