I think the iPhone bindweed set is finished now. Presumably one of the reasons these delicately beautiful plants are regarded as weeds rather than anything more exalted has to do with the shortness of their season. A picture a day on the walk to (or from) school and in a fortnight they’ve gone from bursting budding to hollow husks.

4 Replies to “Bindweed”

  1. Fabulous photos!! Nice to see your work here! Can’t say I have any love for bindweed which is impossible to eradicate from one side of our garden where it chokes out everything else if one doesn’t constantly yank it out, but the roots are deep. It even manages to work itself inside the garden shed through tiny holes in the wall and floor!

  2. I’ve always thought they were beautiful, but yes, they do choke and invade. The blue ones are just as short-lived but are very prized.

    My favourite shot is the little five-point pinwheel.

  3. I have really enjoyed this series, and love your tenderness towards these beautiful ‘weeds’ in all their moods. Also stunned that this is the sort of quality you can get on the iPhone!

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