The Docklands Light Railway is a great favourite in these parts because of the still magical experience of standing in the very front (or very back) of the driverless trains.  This weekend b2 and I went to stay with friends who have the great good fortune to live near a DLR station.


Here we are going there, at the back of the train, in one of the tunnels. Please note the hand-knitted cotton jumper of awesomeness.

rounding a bend dlr

Here we are going back, at the front, going round a bend above ground.

heron quays

And because, like bees, you can never have too many exciting trains, here we are drawing in to Heron Quays with an oncoming train speeding (a relative term of course) towards us and Canary Wharf (the red arches in the distance) ahead.

little soy cat

While on our adventures we met this cheerful cat. An excellent time was had by all.

2 Replies to “DLR”

  1. When I look at your train pictures, I can HEAR the trains!

    We in Minneapolis got our first light rail a couple years ago and on first riding it, I immediately felt I lived in a big city, finally.

  2. 😀 I’ve just posted another one, you know, the moment just after two trains pass at speed and there’s a startling thump of air.

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