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What a joy to meet up with a friend from years ago and (re)discover so many shared interests, particularly at Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance & the Camera at the Tate Modern. It probably helped that we were pretty much on the same charger as regards the “permission” hobbyhorse. However it was thought-provoking about boundaries, assumptions and culture.

watching the match

So how do I justify taking this picture, people watching the <strike>UK</strike> England*-US world cup game on large screens at the Royal Festival Hall? After all I didn’t rush round the room asking each individual if it was ok. I suppose there are two things – firstly I was entirely obvious, possibly even slightly exaggerated, about what I was doing which I hoped would give anyone unhappy about being in a picture the opportunity to hide their face; secondly I chose the picture in which the child’s face is turned away from the camera. I like how trying to denoise the image (it’s the trusty iPhone after all, not a sophisticated low-light device) has rendered it rather like a painting.

The reason I was in the RFH for the football was because I’d been to the sublime Celebration of Kate McGarrigle. I hope devoutly they make a CD of the concert. It made me want to learn to play the squeezebox and write poetry about my children.

* I think it must have been subconscious retaliation to the Scot in the party who purported to change allegiance to the US on discovering one of their team allegedly “felt he was playing for Scotland too” which caused this otherwise inexcusable error. Despite the fact that having your own personal match commentator with a beautiful accent is sex on a stick.

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  1. That’s one concert I wish I could have attended. And you are right, the photo looks more like a painting, stilling in rich colours the not-so-still mood of watching the game.

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