Five point five

I’ve knitted five point five pairs of socks so far this year. (And blogged here once. So infrequently that every time I open up the dashboard I’m told I need to update the software which takes time and destroys motivation.)

Of those 11 socks four were for B2 whose feet grow at the usual implausibly fast rate of the young and who will only wear socks which have not been knitted by me under protest. So he’s had two pairs in basic rib to replace the two pairs he’s grown out of.

The odd sock was the second half of a pair for my father started long ago. They’re from the wonderful New Zealand based website Vintage Purls which hosts a selection of free vintage patterns. These are “Golf Hose in Cable Stitch” from a pattern published in 1935 and they fit superbly. They’re on ravelry here. They, and the chance discovery of a useful row-counting method, featured in an earlier (two years earlier… that’s serious second sock syndrome!) post.

socks 2

The other three pairs have all been for me, two of them the product of fabulous gifts of yarn. The first some Noro Silk Garden Sock from P. Much thought was devoted to which pattern to use, the end result (Seven of Hearts by Omly Crafts) being a reference to these. Much effort was expended to ensure that, making two socks from a single ball of yarn, not a single inch of the was wasted and that the stripes on the socks matched up as far as possible. This involved kitchen balance scales, frequent restarting of the toe of the second sock and using some of the yarn from the first sock to finish the top of the second sock. The result, however, is pleasing even to this verging-on-obsessive perfectionist. [On ravelry.]


The second birthday socks, yarn from A, required less cogitation and no scales. Firstly because Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (also known as KPPPM) comes in 50g skeins, each enough for a single sock, secondly because it was immediately obvious this was the yarn I’d been waiting for to use for Cookie A’s Pomatomus which I’d been wanting to knit for a long time. The only faffing incurred was converting the pattern to be worked from the toe up, thus allowing the socks to be as long as possible and all the yarn to be used. The modifications are on ravelry.


On, on. Sock knitting – portable self-soothing. Next up are various short lacy plans in non-wool yarns for summer. There’s even a thought for a design of my own fermenting gently in the back of the brain.

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