Sticking a stake in the stream.

I was reviewing the year’s events and felt the top three ranked as follows:

1. I have not killed myself (despite intermittent strong compulsions to do so).
2. The children have had their physical needs (probably) and emotional needs (possibly) met (mostly) (maybe).
3. I am not in serious debt (generally due to good luck rather than any sort of management).

But below these somewhat ambivalent three is a great raft of unequivocally positive things, and I wanted to write them down.

– The boys. How I love them.
– Being accepted as a Samaritan, completing the training, doing the job. It makes me feel like a real mensch.
– My friends. All of you. How extraordinarily lucky I am. Such kind, generous, thoughtful, supportive, funny, clever, exciting, brilliant people. Thank you. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
– My meditation practice. More honoured in the breach than in the observance, but a work in progress.
– The UK’s welfare state. I seriously doubt I would be alive without it.
– Knitting. Particularly making things for people. Difficult to convey to a non-knitter, I think, the extraordinary soothing and therapeutic qualities of this simple repetitive action; the massive geek-quotiant of the binary permutations; the visual and tactile pleasures of yarn – and how social-networking might have reached its apogee with ravelry.
– Taking photographs.
– The creatures. How I love them.

To be. Rather than not to be. Without question.

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  1. This is a fabulous, brimming-with gratitude-and-optimism end of year post! Thank you for the friendship and have a happy new year, Lady P!

  2. Happy New Year dear rr. Been hoping you were ok, and dreamed of you a couple of nights ago. Hope to see you up here (and maybe down there) again this year…

  3. May your new year hold plenty of yarn! Here is to life, family, and friends — as I lift that glass across the continent and pond….

  4. I’m glad you’re here, too. And not choosing not to be, as G.M. Hopkins would say. Also, re knitting, yes, exactly.

  5. May all three of 2008’s main achievements and the great raft following prevail in 2009 too, rr! May you flourish, recession notwithstanding.

  6. All the best for 2009 to you and yours, and the little dog Maizy. I catch myself brimming with optimism about 2009, despite my natural tendencies and the predictions of most economists, ecologists and common sense. It’s hard to explain how so many of my days are made by so many of your posts on this blog.


  7. Am grateful for you (and maizy) – and for the sanity you provide me with. The hours spent walking with you have buffered many a tough week.

  8. Gosh, thank you all!

    Hello stranger, herhimnbryn… how lovely to have a stranger step over the threshold on the threshold of the year.

    Dick – the recession’s probably a good thing for me in so far as the government minions might be less zealous in their “persuasion” of every unpartnered adult parenting a child over the age of seven back into the workplace since jobs are forecast to become scarce. However the concomitant diminution of benefits accompanied by rising prices will be less welcome.

    dw – that’s the most lovely thing to say, thank you so much. I fear I’m a very selfish blogger, slapping up any old thing I feel like. I have great admiration for those many bloggers I read whose efforts are aimed at the greater good of others rather than their own notebook-like activities. I aspire to become more like them.

    Neha – straight back at you xox

    and rosie, back at you too.

  9. May I add your plan for peace in Sudan? It was one of the highlights of MY year, anyway, reading something so jaw-droppingly outrageously right-on.
    And, of course, the Jayne hat you made me is another of my year’s highlights, though it does not do the trick in sub-zero weather. I wear it reading in bed in my very, very cold room (a former porch) and think fondly of its maker.
    Bless you, and may all your pains be bearable.

  10. Oh hurrah! to all the list – ambivalent n’ all. You are indeed a splendiferous mensch and I’m honoured to count you in my friends. (Though secretly it’s all a plan to kidnap Maizy…)
    Hurrah for 2009 -and to getting up early, that’s my latest kick…

  11. AA – my menschness is entirely due to you… but obviously you’re trying to get me out of the house to further your devious dognapping plans. Humph!

    Frescabaldi, Girolama… I owe you a big mail 🙂 I’m glad you liked my idea for a money-making venture. Unfortunately I haven’t made a million yet but as I do I’ll send you a space heater. A cold head is a hideous thing. I wear a hat in bed too sometimes. I’m so glad the Jayne is useful!

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