Eye balm

Young Woman With Bound Hair, Albrecht Dürer

I heard myself silently ask: are you enough? Is art enough to make life worth living? And got no answer. I suppose the answer is ‘sometimes’ – better than ‘no’.

Jean at Tasting Rhubarb

On the whole I go and see pictures rather like going to the doctor, to get some help, in fact.

Lucien Freud (at 5′ 15″) via Conscientious.

Oh, and added because also found today and although not strictly visual it’s Dürer which neatly coils us back to the top:

Dürer would have seen a reason for living
in a town like this, with eight stranded whales
to look at; with the sweet sea air coming into your house
on a fine day, from water etched
with waves as formal as the scales
on a fish.

from The Steeple-Jack by Marianne Moore. It’s really worth reading all of it if, like me, you haven’t come across it before.

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  1. Thank you so much for the quote from Lucien Freud! Yes, that is exactly what I was doing on Sunday. And what a lovey video clip. You start thinking how delightfully simple and modest he is, and then remember that it takes great privilege and confidence to be so natural, so unconcerned with impression-management. Almost everything he said was rather memorable, I thought. The poem is rather wonderful too.

  2. I’m back on the internet!
    after almost a month’s strange quarantine, and one of the first places I looked was here…
    and what a treat. freud’s voice is extraordinary. like soft petals, wilting at the cadence. how marvellous.
    and moore to boot.

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