I’ve been tagged by Loren with the following “six things” meme:

1- link to the person who tagged you.
2 – post the rules on your blog.
3 – write six random things about yourself.
4 – tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5 – let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6 – let the tagger know when your entry is up.

I’ve been reading Loren since before I started blogging back in 2003. Poetry, birds and photography – and particularly photography of birds. All he needs for blogging perfection would be a small dose of knitting. However it’s a bit strange being in this new, unlisted, blog home about which few people know, and nearly all of them (you) I would guess people who read the old site. So I’m slightly at a loss to know quite how obscure the random facts have to be since nearly six years of blogging has left few stones unturned. Anyway here are some “random” “facts” which might not previously have seen the light of blogday:

1) I’ve worked in or visited 20 countries in Africa and lived for extended periods in three. I seldom write about it because it makes me feel like a pith-helmeted colonialist. Perhaps I should try to get over myself. Or perhaps there’s nothing to say. However I took SonOne with me on a work trip to Cameroon back when he was three and we kept a diary together as something to do at the end of the day since we were travelling around so much and I wanted there to be something predictable and routine happening. I bought a polaroid camera and he chose one thing/occasion each day to be photographed (the camera was unfortunately far too big and cumbersome for him to use himself) and we stuck the instant result in the diary. I still have it and have been toying with the idea of scanning it.

2) I can juggle with two or three balls but not four.

3) There was a period in my life when I wore an armful of copper bangles. Ok, not an armful since they only went from wrist to elbow rather than wrist to shoulder. But lots. I never took them off. I arrived in Moscow airport wearing them and of course they set off the security scanner. I tried to demonstrate (having not a word of Russian to explain) that there was nothing else metallic about my person. I held out my arm, walked slowly through the arch without a beep as far as my extended elbow, stood still, then moved my arm through to set off the beeping, but it was all to no avail. This was in the late 80s and everything about Moscow was rigid and unsmiling. I had to take every single bangle off which took a very long time. Some were so small I’d only got them on with the liberal use of soap and other lubricants. I have never worn the entire collection together since, although I still have them all.

4) Anti-depressants can no longer be blamed for my (greater than optimal) weight since I stopped taking them seven months ago.

5) If I lived alone I probably would never cook. I base this “fact” on my behaviour when the children are not here. When they’re here I cook every day – no heating up of chilled/frozen crap (too expensive for a start) but proper, albeit plain, nutritionally balanced meals involving peeling and chopping and grating and boiling and grilling and baking. But when they’re away I find myself living on coffee, wine, beer and things out of packets. Hunks of cheese and oatcakes. Instant miso soup. Bombay mix. Breakfast cereal. Biscuits. Hummus and tortilla crisps. Snickers bars. Crumpets and marmite. (Could this, I wonder, have any relevance to fact 4? Almost undoubtedly.) Perhaps when they’ve both left home I’ll miss the cooking and will prepare gourmet delicacies for one, but I rather doubt it.

6) I haven’t had a bath for eight years. (That’s also, you’ll probably be glad to hear, was how long ago the shower was installed.)

The same blog identity confusion detailed above prevents me from tagging six specific people (thus brazenly breaking rules 4 and 5) so I hereby throw the batons in the air for anyone to catch.

7 Replies to “Tagged”

  1. Despite the gender-confusing names, my maleness, particularly my lack of finger dexterity, makes it highly unlikely that I will ever get around to including any knitting on my site.

    Several years back, though, I did manage to learn enough crocheting to help my first wife assemble several large blankets for our house.

    I have all the supplies to do beading, but still haven’t reached the point I’d want to embarrass myself by revealing my efforts.

  2. Dear One: I have only been reading you since this past April and knew NONE of this! Please write six more facts, and six more, and six more… [OK, I should just read your archives, eh?] and–as/when feels fitting to you–satisfy my pangs of desire to see the SonOne Cameroon diaries.

  3. That trip diary scan sounds a fine idea.

    I know what you mean about the solitary diet, actually I quite enjoyed those thrown together collations…

  4. Hello Lovely Lady P! I know you and I have already discovered some spooky parallels, but your non-child diet is almost identical to mine, perhaps mines has more toast and less marmite!

    Also, my knitting has had to take a bit of a back seat recently due to beading!! There is a fab bead shop in the town and the girls and I flock to shuffle worshipfully round, touching shiny things, relflecting the glow of avarice in our eyes.

    After a flurry of threading, crimping, jump rings and tiger wire we resemble a cross between Mr T and someone from one of the African countires you’ve visited!

    Love, K xxx

  5. I am Loren’s current wife and I love knitting! We have decided that Loren will put on the socks I made him and take a picture – probably of just his feet…. I’m sure you’ll all look forward to seeing them. Maybe I will put on my socks, too and we’ll take a picture of both! I’ve got hats, too…..

    Okay, that’s probably too much, but I wanted you to know that Loren does after all have a knitting connection!

  6. Leslie, that would be *awesome*!! Socks, hats, everything! Maybe you could collaborate and have beaded items…

    Kirsty, I want to see spangly pink Mr T shots too. Or, if Mr T isn’t available to model, I want you and the girls. In fact the whole family. But what is “tiger wire” I wonder? Perhaps Loren will be able to tell me 🙂

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