Guitar player by Lady P                Lute player by Caravaggio

A reader writes: While clearing my desk this morning I happened across a picture of a lute player by the celebrated Italian Baroque artist Caravaggio which reminded me of your image of a guitar player. Might they perhaps be related?

4 Replies to “Lookalikes”

  1. I was going to say something frightfully clever about Art History, but the puppies on Puppy Cam are now awake! And biting! Each other! Bite, bite, bite. Fat little furry bodies. Aaaargh. They make me want to stab myself with a fork. They better grow up fast because half the world is getting nothing done.

  2. Damn those dogs! I switched on to them, naturally, on reading your comment. A fork is not sharp enough. There was a human in their space and they were bright-eyed and waggy-tailed. They played with balls. With soft toys. With each other. Can you imagine how unbearable terrier-puppy-cam would be in its cuteness? I might have to bite my own eyes out.

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