The fact that Grace Jones exists…

…gives me enormous pleasure.

This has been all over everywhere since July, and now it’s here:

(And thanks to the wonder that is KeepVid and its mp4 downloading magic it’s now on my iPod for an anytime anyplace fix.)

The video was made by photographer and director Nick Hooker who obviously found it a memorable experience:

I walked in and opened my laptop and played the clips for her, and she couldn’t believe it, she went completely mad, and jumped on me – so I’m staggering around holding her and thinking any second my hernia scar is going to give way and 30 feet of intestines are going to fly across the room.

Unfortunately I can’t find any confirmation of my conviction that it was made on a Mac and am forced to wonder whether I’m such an Apple fangrrrl that I just made it up.

The album is out now.

(She wears Issey Miyake even when cycling, you know.)

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