Of late

I keep starting blog posts and never finishing them.

Shit’s been happening and lovely stuff’s been happening. Light ‘n shade, innit.

six legs


The lovely stuff has involved other people, food and the extraordinary autumn sunlight of the last few days.

blue chair


It’s also included my pusher enabler leading me astray from my blanket

broken rib

but that’s probably a good thing because the blanket was driving me seriously insane. I’ve done five of the twelve strips so it’s not been entirely deserted.

There’s been art, too, and “art” (aka pile-of-shite) and wine and beer and chocolate. And flasks of coffee. And I had a lucid dream!

Speaking of which, it’s getting late and I must go to bed.

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  1. Oh I know so well that process of starting posts that never become, well, full or public…. But what lovely photos! There something about the light in fall that turns the edge between light and shade into a siren song of sorts (at least for me).

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