PS the new moniker (not Monica)

Lady Penelope was my nickname at former former (former) work. This, in response, was my desktop wallpaper.

lady penelope

It would be wonderful to think I was thus known because I was stylish and fashionable in almost every aspect of my life and a world renowned supermodel etc etc but I think it had more to do with my hair colour, gadget obsession and desire to rehabilitate the colour pink.

I did also have a large orange hat…

london agent

… (which I still have) although it’s a brimless fur number more appropriate for a trip to the arctic than a garden party.

There are many worse role-models. And, after all, I get to drive a seeeriously cool car. Or rather get to be driven in a seeeriously cool car by the faithful Parker (who is never seen parking, incidentally, despite his name).

fab 1

I still have the Lady Penelope mug I was given as a leaving present.

4 Replies to “PS the new moniker (not Monica)”

  1. How funny to see that image here – the ‘London Agent’ one with the orange hat. I am very familiar with it – but on the cover of a Thunderbirds jigsaw we bought at some boot sale or school madness.

    For something Thinderbirdsy it wasn’t actually much of a challenge – it only had about twelve pieces (by design not wastage).

  2. F.A.B.!

    The Thunderbirds movie of a few years back was totally awful, but the one good moment was when Lady P. (Kate Winslett) extracted the wire from her bra for Parker to pick a lock with, and said ‘I didn’t need it anyway’, to which Parker replied ‘Of course not, Milady.’

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