Small things

Just back from a few wonderful days in Cornwall and still not done with the pictures from Holy Island. So here are some small things.

I took them with the point-and-shoot.

I hauled the DSLR all the way up to Scotland and back again (accompanied by its lenses) in a padded camera bag and didn’t take it out once. When I packed to go to Cornwall and took it out of the bag I discovered that somewhere along the line the screen on the back of the camera had been broken. There is a series of cracks radiating out across it from one side and it’s entirely black. The filter on the front of the macro lens, which was on the body at the time, was completely smashed although the lens itself appears to be unscratched.

This means that, technology being what it is, the camera is pretty much unusable since all the data about settings etc (not to mention the pictures themselves) are displayed on the screen. I presume it should be possible to get the screen replaced but however much (or little) it costs I don’t have the money.

All is not entirely lost. I switched the camera mode to auto (I usually use aperture priority) and took a few pictures. The lens focussed fine, the shutter operated fine. I took the card out, examined the pictures (since obviously they couldn’t be seen on the screen) and they too appeared fine. So I have an automatic camera with interchangeable lenses but no controls and no picture review. And a point-and-shoot with limited controls and a single lens.


Of course beggars can’t be choosers. I always knew that the lovely, expensive consumer durables with which the house is littered, left over from the days of unthinking unappreciated affluence, would start seizing up, failing and breaking and that I wouldn’t be able to mend/replace them. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about money, work, the children, the future. We are shortly going to be quite a bit worse off for reasons too complicated and boring to go into, partly involving yet another change in the law governing child support benefits for children being cared for by a single parent. The children are very clear that they don’t want to return to the days when I left the house in the morning before they did and returned, if we were lucky, in time to say goodnight to them before they went to bed and they were cared for by an au pair. There are obviously huge numbers of alternatives to this extreme on the one hand and facing difficulty affording food on the other. I just don’t know what they are yet.

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  1. Lovely small things! How upsetting about your camera and your worries about money and the care of your children! Wishing you strength in finding the right solutions.

  2. Is the camera covered by household insurance? It is certainly worth a try. Quite often these policies do turn out to cover some damage outside the home.

    The pictures of rock and debris are wonderful, of course.

  3. Such loveliosity. Sure wish I had more to offer than my sincere wishes for the well-being of you, yours and your camera.

  4. Fresca – exactly! It looks eerily like the Tibetan script which is carved and painted on quite a few of the larger rocks on the island.

    acb – unfortunately I don’t have household insurance. When I used to, in the dim and very distant past, every claim I ever tried to make on it was rejected so I gave it up as a waste of money.

    marja-leena & dw – this was rather a moany post. I’m sure we’ll be absolutely fine. And as the antler-scratcher pointed out on seeing it the other day, the point and shoot is pretty damn whizzy.

  5. I’m still smitten with the gorgeousness of these pictures. I hope something comes up, and it’s nice the boys would rather have you than an au pair and the consumer durables!

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