Let's hear it for the girls

From Shelley (who’s on it) a link to NxE’s list of the 50 most influential ‘female’ [sic] bloggers.

Fantastic to see Rebecca MacKinnon high up on the list citing her co-founding of Global Voices Online as the prime reason for her influence (although it would have been even better if they’d spelled her name correctly).

What really made me laugh, though, was a line in the entry for the similarly highly-ranked Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka Yarn Harlot about whom it is said “known as the “Knitting Sensei”, Pearl-McPhee might not be the most important figure to everyone”…. Uh, right. Whereas of course all the others on the list are?

I still take great pleasure in the fact that the biggest hit spike this blog ever received, by far, was not due to linkage from any A-list sites/bloggers but from a knitting-and-baking blog entirely unlisted on Technorati and similar arbiters of rank. “Influence”, so far as I am aware, is not a phenomenon confined to technology, gossip and politics.

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  1. Yeah, as for the knitting-baking spike, who says there’s no underground anymore? (I hear people say this.) There’s always something bubbling and brewing…or baking.

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