I really want…

…to drag everyone I know and love to Brighton beach and take pictures of them.

eye see you

I used not to want to take pictures of people at all, finding it difficult, intrusive and somehow embarrassing. Now I love it. I think that must in a large part be due to Neha’s patience putting up with me practicing.

Dogs, on the other hand, have never presented a problem.


The rest of the set is here.

11 Replies to “I really want…”

  1. Thanks Lekhni!

    Neha, you were being Cousin It’s Indian cousin on the breakwater. I just love it too. The light was fantastic.

  2. The photos of Maizy [I spelled that right, this time] on the Beach makes my heart clench with joy. Or grief. Or some mix of both.

  3. She’s a lovely dog. Passionate, about almost everything. One way or another. As terriers so often are. She would chase stones on the beach until her paws literally bleed from running on the pebbles. The word “feisty” was invented in order to describe her. So was the word “forfuckssakeshutupandleavemealone”. Lolmaizies would be a brilliant idea were it not for one major problem – she’s so hyperactive it’s actually quite difficult to take a picture of her. Most attempts end up with a picture of the space she was occupying when the shutter was pressed but of her there is nothing except the occasional brown blur.

  4. Aw. You can take me to Brighton and photograph me anytime. (There’s actually an amazing contemporary classical music festival on there at the moment.)
    Why didn’t I take a single interesting shot while I was away in Greece? Perhaps because i don’t have a terrier?

  5. I think many circumstances in life can be attributed to lack of terrier. I suggest you get hold of one as soon as possible! Of course it might make attending the music festival rather difficult unless it’s a particularly musical beast and tolerant venue.

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