I’ve added the fab cforms II plugin so now we have contact! without the requirement of a crowded disco room or a man with an oily rag swinging a propellor. In fact all that’s necessary is to click on the tab labelled, helpfully, “Contact” to the left at the top of the page just below the banner picture. I’ve done this because I may occasionally protect posts with a password and if you want the password in order to read the post the contact form is at your service to ask for it.

UPDATE: cforms II didn’t work, but Secure & Accessible PHP Contact Form v2.0 is doing the trick.

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  1. I’ll be interested to hear how this plugin works for you. I’m using a simpler one at VN, but if we ever take qarrtsiluni self-hosted (the thought of manually moving all the image and audio files out of is a little daunting!), cforms II is definitely the one we’d use there for electronic submissions – I gather it’s extremely customisable.

  2. Well interestingly I’ve had to remove it because when I tested it it didn’t work. The browser just hung when I clicked “submit”. There was a warning in the set-up that there might be problems because of something or other in my setup. So I’m now using Secure & Accessible PHP Contact Form v2.0 since I don’t need anything fancy. And this appears to work.

    Is there no way you can automate importation of files from a blog?? It seems a major oversight if there isn’t.

  3. What a load of self obssesive crap this all is! And what a bunch of complete wankers who eagerly await the next cherished words of someone who has no connection with reality or is one minute this the next minute that. Poor me I don’t have money but the next minute is buying expensive this that and the other. Get a fucking job then like the rest of us! Can you ALL actually HEAR yourselves? Indulgent clap-trap. It’s like entering the world of mad people.

  4. Well, that’s ironic, isn’t it? I can never understand how people who find certain blogs/people beneath their attention seem to pay inordinate attention to them.

  5. Hello Gareth Williams, and thank you for your comment.

    I believe you must be the Gareth Williams who is a friend of my ex partner.

    I have checked my website statistics and it transpires that the most frequent visitor to this site, by some considerable margin, uses a computer with the same IP address as the computer you used to post your comment – see the screenshots below of web traffic for the past five days and your comment. I’ve masked parts of your e-mail address and IP number to protect your identity.

    My server statistics show hundreds of hits over the last twelve months from this same IP address.

    I’m sorry you have such an unpleasant reaction to what you find here. Perhaps it would be best if you stopped visiting.

  6. I’ve often thought that one of the defining features of the clinically insane is the unshakeable belief that everyone else must be mad. Mr. Williams’ obsessive-compulsive stalker behavior is, um, troubling, to say the least. I gather from the tone of his remarks that he’s not some disgusting poor person, though, and should therefore be able to afford proper psychiatric treatment. Let’s hope!

    I’m sorry that cformsII didn’t work out. I’ve had good luck with Contact Form 7 – it’s nice and simple, and so far has never sent me spam (a minor miracle, since I receive over 100 spam comments a day). I like the way this new plugin of yours handles the subject line, though.

  7. Dave, the subject line is entirely customisable and you can add as many as you like. You can also change the anti-spam question which could be entertaining.

    Ivy, no I’ve never seen that. It’s brilliant. Particularly the way that poor woman sneaks off down the stairs after the doors of the lift close.

  8. Wow, I’m a bit jealous of Gareth, whose “fucking job” apparently gives him so much time to surf blogs during weekdays & weekends alike! As the possessor of not just one but several “fucking jobs,” I (unfortunately) don’t have the luxury to spend as much time enjoying this & other worthy sites as he does. 😦

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