Hanging out the washing

hanging out the washing

News just in – the washing machine’s finally given up the ghost. Sigh. An expected bereavement but sad none the less. The economics of laundrettes clearly dictate a new machine will be cheaper than feeding the voracious slots of commercial washing appliances for any length of time, so a new machine has been ordered. Thank goodness for the never-never, that’s what I say. Oh, and the peerless John Lewis without which life might not be worth living.

The above is F hanging out her own washing while condoling on my loss and sheroically offering the services of her own machine while I wait (a week) for the new one. Hurrah.

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  1. What lovely photographs you take! (Those ladybirds are immigrants, not the traditional ones, but harlequins.)

  2. Washing machines can sense reduced circumstances. Ours broke down on the day we figured out that we really couldn’t keep the house. (We did the math, and, yes, it was cheaper to buy a new one.) Why do they break down this way? Are they spiteful? Or maybe just sensitive and over-identified with the family? It’s a mystery.

  3. Thank you Miss L. Yes, those vile harlequins, they’re taking over my garden, London, England etc etc. Sad. I might begin disliking them as much as I do grey squirrels.

    Dale, I feel very grateful to the washing machine for soldiering on this long with a fritzed circuit board (for nine whole months, I realise) giving us at least half the programmes available even if it wouldn’t do the very hot ones. So I can’t attribute it to spite. Built-in obsolescence yes, spite probably no.

  4. Not that I want to jinx anyone, (turn 3 times, salt over shoulder, spit on the head of a bald, red haired man…..)but washing machines are spiteful, mean and spread their blackness to other electrical applianaces in the house. Last year after my machine died, so did the tumble drier, dishwasher, hoover, TV and eventually the car. How’s that for badness?? love, K xxx

  5. Kirsty, that sounds like a poltergeist. And sadly I don’t have a domesticated bald redhead of either gender to protect my other white goods. But if any of them dies… I know who to blame. But seriously, did you buy them all at about the same time? because I suspect that manufacturers build in a self-destruct programme after X number of years.

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