5 Replies to “Red, white and green”

  1. One of those weird photos where you stop and wonder just why this is so particularly striking – those are often the ones I like the most.

  2. Thanks, m-l. I’m far too greedy with the photo real-estate. I’ve changed the original huge image for a smaller, swifter version.

    Jean, thanks. For me it’s the colours and the light on the red wall. The damn silly children’s crap digital snapper wouldn’t do as I asked with the focussing/depth of field etc. But as someone said to me this morning, it’s not the camera that takes the picture it’s the person pushing the button so I should, perhaps, just shut up 🙂

  3. Great studies, both. The narrative implied by the first is, of course, that suddenly the escalator begins to move downwards…

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