Three not so little maids

and not a drop to drink

This was just too good to miss. Three women, dressed identically, sashaying along the Holloway Road last night. It almost made the three and a half hours it took to drop FirstSpawn off at his party worth while.


After all in that same amount of time we could have got to vast swathes of coastline, put our feet in the sea and quaffed a refreshing drink rather than worn ourselves ragged navigating across London without the Victoria line.

The whole of London smells of shit.

5 Replies to “Three not so little maids”

  1. A great photo indeed. I take it the shutdown of the Victoria line was due to the subway riot?

  2. I think it was called “planned engineering works”. Whatever it was it closed the entire line for the entire weekend.

    The disorderly conduct (surely not a riot?) occurred on the Circle line, I seem to recall, and probably required overtime by cleaners rather than engineers.

  3. Does it, why? It’s normally the countryside that smells of shit, pig, chicken turkey, cow, we get all kinds. Delish.

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