I realised today I could quite happily spend the rest of my life taking pictures of cut flowers. Just as long as they weren’t perfect, of course, and were in F’s kitchen where the light, as you can see, is of a luminous (that’ll be because it’s light – ed) beauty that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Although my bedroom comes close-ish on a good day. Something to do with north-facing-ness apparently.

Maybe I need to turn my bedroom into a studio full of huge bunches of flowers and spend my days moving gently among them as the fibres of their beings unwind.

7 Replies to “Browning”

  1. Gorgeous. I really, really need to spend some time this weekend staring at flowers and photographing them

  2. From this angle, it’s as if the browning processed were reversed – a fresh rose emerging from the center.

  3. Thank you, lovely people 🙂

    Gordon, it’s actually my friend F’s kitchen wall which is painted a subtle and beautiful shade of, um, well “grey” obviously wouldn’t be doing it justice. The light is both sideways from windows and downwards from a section of glass roof which I think is probably why it’s so fabulous.

    Jean, I see you found many beautiful flowers today 🙂 I’m trying to work out ways to persuade the boys that a trip to Kew Gardens would be a fun and exciting thing for them to do. Maybe if they take their games consoles…

    dw, that’s at the heart of what fascinates me, the potential for extraordinary beauty from what might be regarded as imperfection. Fortunately nothing, apart from the rather disturbing dental work of some Americans (and increasing numbers of misguided Brits, it has to be said), is perfect.

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