Maizy has accepted the inescapable reality of her haircut…

wet iris, cold dog

…although due to the unfortunate climatic conditions she’s still shivering a lot.

Today I went on a wonderful day meditation retreatTraining the mind, freeing the heart: Waking up to each moment. No shivering, much contemplation of acceptance.

Yesterday, after a rather grueling assessment process, I was accepted as a listening volunteer for the Samaritans. All volunteers sign a confidentiality agreement, for obvious reasons. This means that, difficult though it is to believe, I shall have nothing more to say on the subject other than that I am extremely happy.

6 Replies to “Acceptance”

  1. Hey congratulations. A friend of mine did that with the Samaritans for a while, very fulfilling but very hard going. The rewards are worth it though, Bravo!!

  2. Congratulations. You will be wonderful.

    And I can smell the perfume of the photo. It’s so beautiful. (poor Maizy!)

  3. Yes, I find that much of what’s most interesting & rewarding in my life, I can’t write about, for similar reasons. Oh well. It all turns up eventually, in one disguise or another.

    Congratulations! To you and to those fortunate enough to find you.

  4. Yes, congratulations!

    I’m surprised a Maizy Cozy hasn’t come off the needles yet.

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