Twinkling summer toes

Last month I received a communication from the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP). It contained a couple of sheets of hand-written figures with an accompanying letter telling me this was the calculation of the benefit I was entitled to between May and September 2007. Enclosed was a cheque for £2.08.

There was the usual small print about how to appeal against a decision if you disagreed with it, but this was itself already the result of an appeal, lodged in October 2007, consisting of two closely-typed and closely-argued sheets of A4 and about half a tree’s worth of supporting documentation.

The only thing to do, in such circumstances, is to laugh. Which I duly did, and forgot about it.

Today I received another communication from the DWP. It appears, reading between the lines, that they may have made a mistake. No cheque, of course, but the prospect of some money somewhere down the line. Not much but better than the proverbial poke in the eye and certainly more than £2.08.

I was still digesting this interesting news as we walked back from the station after a lovely day out with A on Hampstead Heath. The local shoe-shop was plastered with big red banner signs saying “Closing Down Sale – Everything Must Go”. I dragged the tired and unwilling spawn across the road to have a quick look.

Oh what a brilliant idea. What excellent luck. Because among the heterogeneous not to say eccentric selection of shoes on offer in an extremely limited range of sizes there was exactly the right model in exactly the right colour and size for each of us. At half price.

new shoes!!!

FirstSpawn has those rather drunken looking asymmetrical black Converse hi-tops, SecondSpawn has khaki-patterned kids’ Converse hi-tops and, the astute will have already worked out, I have the purple Mary Janes which are actually, and unbelievably to me, Hush Puppies. In my youth this brand was notorious for being, well, a bland. Maybe in the intervening decades they’ve become the hight of fashion. Whatever. I love my little purple-hearted MJs.

We are all very happy and well-shod for summer.

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  1. Very cute. I think Clark’s has some cute shoes like that (I used to live near a Clark’s outlet – alas, no more) and very comfy also.

  2. Shoes! We’re all talking about shoes! And conversing about Converse chucks! Did you know about this serendipity?

  3. I did know, actually, Natalie! and, bearing information from your site I told FirstSpawn that Converse are owned by Nike, expecting him to be pleased for reasons of football fandom since Nike make the Arsenal strip. Instead his face fell and he was distressed, for reasons of sweatshop labour. I was surprised and impressed I have to say.

  4. rosie, I’ve been pondering your comment. I think the answer, given the footwear, has to be “top”.

  5. I love the crooked Chuck’s. I want a pair for myself but I fear I’d love them so much I’d stare at them while walking and constantly move in awkward angles.

  6. I find the purple hearted mj’s particularly shiny. And, you deserve purple hearts after your ordeal on the field of battle with dwp – even though it’s a distinction y’all don’t have over yonder – or maybe you do…

  7. Wayne, I am actually in danger of falling over myself whilst walking along beside these optical illusory shoes. The effect is heightened by the fact that FirstSpawn is slightly pigeon-toed.

    dw, I think the military award is a purely American honour. But wasn’t it also the street name of some drug or other?

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