The words

They are words like “death” and “worth” and “alone” but they need other words to join them like the stalks do a daisy chain and those haven’t arrived yet.

So all I can do is ask whether you knew that the dandelion is a member of the daisy family. I didn’t, until I checked how to spell it. How wonderful.


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  1. rosie – I hope so 🙂 My thoughts are neither dark nor bleak, btw, just thoughts.

    Dale – precisely!

    Dave – some has gone to the dropdown menu below the banner image. The other stuff I’m not sure about whether it will be coming back or not. You and Jean are the only people to notice and comment on its departure which indicates that it’s not much missed.

  2. Nope, I noticed, too. I just figured you were working on things and they’d be coming back!

    I was out yesterday photographing dandelions. This is wonderful, all those curly tendrils.

  3. This reminds me (but in a fun way) of the scene in the movie “Judgment at Nuremberg” in which the prosecuting attorney (Maximilian Schell) is trying to discredit Montgomery Clift’s simple-minded character, who is testifying that the Nazis forcibly sterilized him, by asking him to make a sentence out of the words “hunter hare field.” (He cannot.)

    The death of a dandelion is worth the birth of yellow alone.

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