Devices and desires

Another storming day out with Hg. Unfortunately motherly duties and a new series of the only television programme I watch have combined to prevent further elucidation at this time. However before I retire to bed here is a picture from a previous expedition and two wtfs from today.

devices and desires

So Hg wishes to send a picture or two of the beloved spawn from his phone to mine. (Actually I demand them.) We make ourselves visible, bluetooth-wise, and just look at that list of devices. “Joy and pain”. Who, we wondered, as we surveyed the entirely pain-free-appearance of our fellow drinkers, had labelled their device (or themselves) thus and left it permanently discoverable.

wtf 1

Above is a park railing in Hoxton Square. Affixed to it is a clove of garlic carefully protected by a pad of cotton wool, all held in place with a strip of elastoplast. WTF, you might ask. What indeed. Perhaps the park requires protection from vampires. Or the railing cut itself shaving.

wtf 2

And this is a tree in a park in Shoreditch which, along with several others nearby, has produced an enormous crop of shoefruits. No, I have no idea either.

London really is a most delightful place.

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