Lesnes Abbey

Another top photo expedition suggested by Neha which took place on a beautiful sunny day. Many pictures were taken. I find this one, of part of an ancient mulberry tree, entirely unintentionally spooky:

mulberry branch

It’s taken me quite some time to sort out the pics, but I’ve had fun messing around with effects in black and white:


I love this one of Neha in typical pose:

no hat

The Abbey itself is an ancient, fascinating and extremely well-kept building. I was most interested, however, in the juxtaposition of the old and the new:


The most important part of the day (apart from eating, of course, which happened in a particularly delicious fashion) was the handing over of Neha’s hat.


I have to say that I’m extremely impressed by her choice of colour. It suits her most excellently.

Have I mentioned how much I love knitting things for people? There’s currently another pair of socks for my father underway and I’m so happy to have a picture of their construction!

Neha’s photoset here, my photoset here.

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  1. Fabulous photos, rr! I love all the textures and twisted shapes of the old trees, as well as the stones. And Neha’s hat, lucky girl to have a knitter friend!

  2. I have a dubious record of rarely owning anything that is beautiful and functional. I am happy to report that the hat knitted for me falls into that rare category. It’s actually pretty, Lady Ribenahatish and kept me warm saturday night when I was out taking photographs at 9 30 pm! 🙂

  3. Thanks marja-leena! It was a wood full of tree creatures. Neha has suggested that the one of the monkey is an apparition of Hanuman which I find very appealing.

    Neha, you own a macbook pro! An item of great beauty and functionality. Are you saying that the Gemma beret is in the same league as that? I can hardly believe it 🙂 I’ve been googling Lady Ribenahat thinking that this was some obscure (to me) literary reference and feeling very foolish that I didn’t work it out sooner. Duh. Still, at least it kept you warm.

  4. Haha! Well – the backbook pro – beautiful and functional as it is, and even as it keeps me warm over many evenings. (It warms my lap and heart – what can I say..), cannot be worn. So I would say the beret is a step ahead. And yes, Lady Ribenahat is entirely fictional – but only in my head.

    But we must write about Baby Luke and the Man Whose Wife Is In The Secret Services.

  5. Sir Earlysloshed and his handsome friend Furryballs? All very peculiar. I still have the secret number. Should we use it? I’m not going to do it on my own, you know.

  6. Damn. I could always call up with a hidden number (I am resourceful that way!) and we could send across those photographs. I wonder what his wife – Lady SnapaLot will have to say about the photographs – bearing the post mark of Central London.

    My.. my. We have a story here.

  7. Ok, I shall secretly inform you of the secret number. But I thought the evidence was going to be transmitted electronically rather than on paper. Do you think we should set up a special untraceable e-mail account for such transactions?

  8. I have a feeling wrestling out information about his postal address might be easier.. 😀 But if we do get hold of that secret email id – we will rely on one of the many defunct email accounts I have to transmit them!

  9. I was about to wax ecstatic on Neha in her hat but now feel I have walked into an arcane and quite other dimension… she looks gorgeous anyway!

  10. Yes, ladies, ahem?? Gorgeous knitting (hats and socks both) and lovely pictures of both of you, warming the hearts of your Northern Atlantic friends…

  11. Neha has a MacBook Pro! I’m so jealous. I keep waiting for someone to mug me and steal my little white piece of macbook plastic, but so far no takers.

    That last photo of Neha in her new hat is wonderful. Seems to really capture her essence.

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