Form filling

Today is my birthday.

morning flowers

To mark both the occasion and the rather unusual fact that I feel good about it I have filled in and will today despatch two sets of forms.

The first is an application to train as a listening volunteer for the Samaritans. The second is to submit a photograph to the selection process for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Apart from submitting forms the day may include coffees with friends, stroking yarn at the new I Knit shop, lunch with a friend, post-school tea and cake with the spawn and in the evening (so I was told last night) friends have organised a small supper-and-get-together, babysitter included.

Gift to self? Neither an iPhone nor an Asus Eee, sadly. Not this year. But a ticket to Speed Dating for Artists at the ICA:

Those taking part talk to someone for four minutes at a time, the crucial difference is that each of you will bring a piece of your own work – a drawing, a sculpture, a design, an mp3, anything you can carry in to the ICA – to talk about.

How superbly thrilling/appalling might that be? I may or may not be moved to give an account of the experience after it’s happened.

And just in case anyone’s in any doubt on the matter, pisceans absolutely totally rock. Starting at the beginning of the sign and working through we have, in my small personal sample of gorgeousness:
FirstSpawn – polymath etc;
Friend T – architect, photographer etc;
Dave – writer, poet, photographer etc;
Friend F – painter, sculptor etc;
Krista – rhetorician, writer, photographer etc;
Dale – writer, poet etc;
Ivy – poet, artist etc;
Jeff – rhetorician, writer, photographer etc (and my twin – happy birthday!);
Me – etc πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful day whatever date you were born on!

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  1. Happy birthday, rr – rr-rawr! Good luck with the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition! Yay! πŸ™‚

  2. > Have a wonderful day whatever date you were born on!

    And good luck with your print submission.

    SCV (50 today, and I will personally disembowel anyone who tries to deliver a SAGA brochure to my house!)

  3. wishing you a happy day and many more of them. That’s a beautiful photograph above, as yours consistently are.

  4. Woo hoo! Happy birthday, RR! (Or is it rr, since you’re an artist? Does one trill the double rr? So many questions.) We want a report on the speed date! And good luck on the photo exhibition.

  5. Whippersnappers the lot of you. Have a wonderful day, Rachel, and — yes — good luck with the RA print.

  6. Happy birthday! Good luck with the photograph submission. And I think the Speed Dating for Artists thing sounds like a brilliant idea.

  7. Happy happy birthday, rr! Enjoy the many treats today and good luck with the submissions! Yes, Pisceans are a special group, my husband is one πŸ™‚

  8. Happy birthday to you!!! I’m sorry I’m not there to bake another cake of mixed dubiety for you this year. Have a great day. You really know how to spoil yourself – 2 forms filled in – ai carumba! Much love, K xx

  9. Thank you all!

    Kirsty, best birthday cake EVER. So I’m very sorry too, but looking forward to seeing you in London soon (it’s in my diary)

    SCV – another twin! and the big five oh. Happy birthday to you too!

    Karen, the chocolate champagne has yet to be broken into but I’m sure it’s going to disappear quickly. Apparently it’s a “sharing” present.

    Neha, you are the first person ever to get anything off my Amazon wishlist – thank you so so much. Very much looking forward to an evening in front of the fire with it πŸ™‚

    I haven’t actually even printed out the picture yet, it doesn’t have to be taken down there until the end of the month. It was the entrance form that had to be in today. And then people are told whether they’re accepted or not at the end of May. So quite a long way to go yet.

    I have never undertaken any dating activity heretofore so whatever the ICA thing is like (next month) it’s certain to be novel.

  10. Bravo brava Frizzy and a happy happy birthday! Wonderful decisions all of them and I’m so glad you decided to do the RA. You do know that the deadline for the form was March 18th, I hope?
    The ICA speed dating sounds a hoot and I want to hear every detail.

  11. Happy birthday yesterday and today! Everything you’re doing sounds fun…hoping you’ll blog some of it.

  12. Thanks y’all. And that link? priceless. But although I like the knitted blood I think the siamese teddies is perhaps the best. Creepy and entirely without gore.

  13. I love the tiger, though; many of the others are a bit gratuitous, but the fact that so many cute furry animals are modelled on ruthless carnivores is odd when you come to think of it — what could be more frightening thhan a real bear? — and the blank, stuffed animal expresion of that tiger combines very well with the torn-off limb in its mouth.

  14. Tried to get on here the other day, internet problems prevented.

    Hope you had a wonderful day, and looking forward to the speed dating report!

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