As I crouched taking this picture with the camera on my phone I heard feet pounding up behind me. Turning swiftly I, rather belatedly, caught sight of the hectoring police notice urging people to take care of their valuables complete with a helpful pictogram of a mobile phone and a handbag.


The rapidly approaching feet were attached to two males, early 20s, both about six feet tall, hoods pulled right over their heads and obscuring most of their faces, the waistbands of their jeans clinging precariously to their upper thighs presumably by some sort of frictive interaction with the boxer shorts beneath, most of which were clearly visible above.

When they reached me, they stopped.

“D’yer like that?” one asked, jerking his hood towards the tree.

“Yes” I answered. “I’ve just taken a picture of it.” No point in trying to disguise the obvious. “It looks like a really sweet gesture.”

“Did yer see the other one?” asked the second shrouded figure, jerking his hood back down the road in the direction from which we had all come.

“Yes” I said. “I took a picture of that one as well.”


“Yeah” said the first, “there’s not enough love in the world. What we all need is more love.”

And with that they carried on ahead, purposefully as before.

“Yes,” I said. Yes.

9 Replies to “Heartened”

  1. Great! Reminds me of a story of my sister’s, who’d just been told to fuck off by a little old lady, and was then passed by a pair of slouching teenage boys, and overheard one saying very sweetly, ‘If you ask me, she’s more than a little in love with him!’

  2. Thank you my friends.

    Lucy, given that I’m already the old lady who tells people to fuck off maybe the boys when teenagers will also be rather sweet. One can only hope.

    In fact I related this incident more in annoyance at my reaction to them than in delight at the young men’s reaction to love. Although it was delightful.

  3. Wow, I love that. I’m afraid my reaction might have been similar. I’ve been heartened by teenagers several times recently. I need to rethink myself.

  4. Thanks Wendy. I see you have a teenager yourself. I find having one of my own makes me very interested in the subject 🙂

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