links for 2008-03-09

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  1. MyTwitter will mostly work without libcurl, it just won’t allow you to post new messages to Twitter from the Options->MyTwitter page. That’s the only portion of the code requiring libcurl support at this time.

  2. Erundur, thank you so much for noticing the problem I was having and responding. It looks like a great plugin with almost everything I want – no username preceding each post and links turned into… links! I’ve put the code in my sidebar but without much success so far. I’ll mail you to continue this conversation. Thanks again.

  3. Hey, thanks for that Tilt-Shift link. I have been playing around with that technique for a while using instructions from the tutorial on Those projects are great fun. I have found the original photograph needs to be exceptional (great depth of field, broad sweeping shots from very high above, an appropriate mix of buildings and flora, etc.) for the results to be truly satisfying.

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