The gift of sound and vision

I’m still marvelling at the liberating, but nowadays straightforward, delights of digital photography and the net. Others have taken things oh so much further and are making wild and wonderful multimedia marvellousness. I’m thinking of three people in particular – Alistair, Natalie and an anonymous YouTube user.

Here we have a roaming eye out in the world, a city both specific and universal, juxtaposing snatched moments with each other, with music, repeated visual patterns and variations matched to a deceptively simple and equally haunting piece of music.

Natalie’s world is if anything even huger although filming is confined to the interior of her flat. Just watch A is for Alternative Reality to see how enormous it is. She also made the accompanying music. An even smaller physical space features in A Day at the Seaside – the area of a canvas. The camera moves over one of her paintings exploring the elements that make up the whole, recombining them along a temporal rather than merely two-dimensional framework, again with a custom-composed score.

Alistair too has used moving images and sounds/music together but his most recent multi-media post does not. It has a still image accompanied by a score of his own composition. The additional ingredient here is words. In elizabeth bishop “electrical storm” the poet’s words are used both visually and musically, layered, reorganised, allowed to vibrate and resonate between each other, image and sound.

Such extraordinary and beautiful and loving and breathtaking pieces of work.

(The title owes much to a recent re-discovery/exploration the genius of my youth and gives me an excuse, while in embedding mode, to add the following.)

3 Replies to “The gift of sound and vision”

  1. You’re too kind.
    What a lovely New York piece. Is that Arvo Pärt’s Alina? It really doesn’t have to be complex. Though Natalie’s film is wonderful. What a genius…
    Did you see ‘Be Kind, Rewind’ ? I wonder if there’s a matinee you could squeeze in between schoolruns?

    The exciting news is that Jonathan Bee (surely the ‘maker’ supreme) has asked me to make the music/sound for a piece of his in his exhibition. I’m already totally excited about the mad noise I can make!

    A x

  2. Rachel,thanks very much for this wonderful mention. Alistair, thankyou too, I’ve just watched your sound-poem and it is indeed just as good as Rachel described. What a boon these digital tools can be! I am completely hooked line and sinker and fear I may be losing whatever sense of reality I still have left. When absorbed in the multi-media play-pen, I lose all sense of time and usefulness and duty and doubt (eg What Am I Doing and WHY am I doing it?). It’s all very Zen, ain’t it?

  3. I meant to say too that I’m so glad you’ve featured that Anonymous New York video which is absolutely indisputably top top top quality in every way.

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