8 Replies to “She’s had a haircut”

  1. Hg, dale, thanks 🙂

    Dave, clearly the sophistication of my equipment is such that it merely requires me to press the shutter without actually dropping the camera. I hardly need to be there at all.

    In fact the light was much better than the other gigs I’ve been to and taken pictures at, I was right in front of the stage and I set the ISO to 1600 (by mistake, I meant to use 800) so the shutter speed was fast enough not to show up my palsied grip. And the lens, whilst having a long focal length, is light on glass and so easy to hand-hold.

    Alistair 🙂

  2. Of course, I forgot. It has Image Stabilisation in the body, thus precluding the need to have such a system in each individual lens. However I mostly have it turned off because I assume it drains the battery and forget to switch it on. I turned it on when I went to Highgate cemetery and then worried for ages about the mysterious letters “IS” which appeared in the viewfinder. I couldn’t work out what they meant. Sigh.

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