Thanks to Krista for introducing me to this marvel. I thought today’s monster was a girl, but no, according to his daily monster page he’s a he. The subsequent book comes with a DVD which seems like a really good idea since the genesis of each monster and the ensuing development is a large part of the pleasure. And it’s an interesting way of tackling the web-to-paper transition.

I’m assuming the web presence came before the book. As it did in the case of Andre Jordan‘s book If you’re happy and you know it… which Firstspawn was flicking through in a bookshop the other day. “Hold on a moment, I recognise that name…” Yup, he’s a blogger.

I met him once, briefly, in a pub at a blogmeet at which there were not one, not two but three bloggers-with-book-deals. I haven’t read any of the books (or indeed the blogs beyond an initial sampling) so am not in a position to give any opinion on them.

Clearly my early decision not to attempt to pursue a career in publishing was indeed wise.

I could bang on for a bit about blogs, digital production, publishing and books but I shan’t since no doubt my thoughts on the subject are not original and, as has already been demonstrated, I’d make a crap publisher. However I can point to a few reviews of Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks from the Wild Web by Sarah Boxer which discuss the blog/print transition although, let it be remembered, these are themselves hybredised offspring being the online versions of paper media: the LRB, Newsweek and the NYT.

Right. I am late. I must swat my procrastignat and get going.

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