Time to re-home the animals

I am spitting blood and feathers. The cat is spitting shredded bamboo.

i *hate* my cat

Just look at the end of that needle. I leave my knitting unattended for a microsecond and he’s pounced. Not content with destroying the ball of wool he attacks my precious, rare-as-a-hen’s-tooth, perfect, gorgeous bamboo needle. Destroys the point. Utterly ruined. Unusable.

It took me three weeks to get hold of that pair of needles. Scouring the interwebbing. 23cm long, 2.25mm in diameter (US size 1) and made out of bamboo. Absolutely perfect for the task. Almost IMPOSSIBLE to find.

Firstly many companies don’t do needles as fine as 2.25mm. Secondly, if they do, they’re 33cm long rather than 23cm. Thirdly, if you can actually find the right size/length/material combination you are forced to buy hundreds of other pairs at the same time. Which you don’t want. Or they’re available, singly, but only ship to America. The major European manufacturer does not make any needle in 2.25mm. To say that I am pissed off is the understatement of the year.

Meanwhile, over by the letterbox, the dog is spitting shredded paper.

i *hate* my dog

That is the back cover of a superb book of patterns which came through the post. The holes were made by the dog’s canine teeth. There are similar holes, decreasing in size, through 46 of the book’s pages. Not to mention the padded envelope and cardboard packaging within which the book was enclosed.


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  1. OK, let me try to find you these bamboo needles here and I’ll ship them to you. (Or if you find them so much the better.)

    I’ve hard about bamboo needles and how fantastic they are. I’m sure they’re available in Japantown in SF? Or more easily online?

  2. I return hot-foot and hot-needled from a meeting in the park with knitting-buddy F (kbF). She had a penknife, I had an emery board. She has the skill, I have the persistence. Result? One re-pointed needle!!! And only 1/2 cm or so shorter than before. Hurrah!

    So thanks for the kind offer Pica but fortunately it’s not necessary. Unless I leave them unguarded again. Which I shan’t.

  3. And a couple of weeks ago I sent himsomething to chew on, has he got it yet?
    ( don’t like to ask but beginning to wonder )
    I was going to suggest emery paper.

  4. This is why god made them cute, so we wouldn’t kill them. Glad to your friend rescued the needles. And probably the animals.

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