I have finished my jaywalker socks. Hurrah!

on foot above

I was showing them off to Secondspawn this morning. “Will they shrink if you put them in the washing machine?” was his first and rather unexpected reaction, but probably prompted by the recent deliberate shrinkage of the so-called rasta hat to more beret-like dimensions. Having been assured that they were made of special non-shrinking sock wool he then advised me to wear them today. “Oh no”, I replied, shocked at the suggestion, “they’re far too special for walking to school in”.


Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

This is something I’ve been doing all my life. Saving things up for the “special occasion” which very seldom, if ever, manifests itself. Is this the right occasion? is it really, truly going to be special enough? am I sure? This results in cupboards and drawers and boxes full of things waiting, gathering dust, decaying gently, utterly unused.

There is, as my father still says with annoying frequency, no time like the present. He generally employs the term to persuade me to do something I’d rather not. But it’s just as applicable to other circumstances. Why is why I’m wriggling my toes inside my lovely socks right now, as I type.

Next project onto the needles is a pair of thick hiking socks for J who also sent me this, which I feel is appropriate.

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  1. Brava! Wear those socks to walk to school! They are gorgeously special. All the more reason to wear them now πŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous, ooh! What an intricate pattern with the zigzags and ribs – you are a master knitter! And yes, absolutely, wear them now and everywhere!

  3. Love, love the socks!! I too am knitting socks just now and can I ask a technical question? Do you use the 4 needle or circular needle method?? How do you stop the little saggy ladders appearing with 4 needle method and I have yet to find a circular needle small enough for socks!!?? Isn’t knitting a wonderful world….I find myself in John Lewis touching wool for the hell of it…should get out more!

    Love to boys x

  4. Merci! Still wiggling the toes.

    Kirsty!! Socks!!! When are we going to knit together? It’s such a wonderful communal activity. I use, ideally, five short (5″) double-pointed needles either beech wood (brittany) or bamboo. There is a way of using a really really long circular needle called “magic loop” – Beth linked to a tutorial here – but I’ve never got the hang of it and now I love my little sticks. (And so does the cat – I have to watch him really carefully to make sure he doesn’t chew them if they’re out and unprotected.) Re not getting a ladder, the trick seems to be to make sure that the first, second and third stitches at least of each new needle are pulled tight. I also ensure that the new needle is inserted below and to the left of the previous needle which seems to help. Knitting is indeed a wonderful, vibrant, multi-faceted world and yes, I too find myself in all sorts of yarn shops stroking wool and purring audibly. That *is* me getting out more πŸ™‚

    Love to the girls and you both xx (and Maizy sends a lick or two)

  5. OOOh yes. Every day is a special day.
    Dress like you’re going to a ball.
    Always comb your hair and wear jewels (or coloured scarfs at the very least).
    Take photos like its the last time you’ll see anything.
    Make each mealtime a gourmet one.
    Read poetry like it was written for you.
    Don’t listen to chainletters – they’re made to make you feel queasy.

  6. Alistair – never been to a ball, but yes, it’s a good plan.

    Thanks Dave. I could make you a pair – all I need are your vital statistics: length and, er, girth πŸ™‚

  7. Good tip Miss Knaughty Knitter! I too have given up on the circular thingy and have found my granny’s bone needles. God knows what poor, hunted animal they came from but I don’t think about that. I just enjoy the strong sense of generational continuity. My granny was a nurse in WW1 and perhaps these needles knitted socks then. Am in London for the Marathon (April 13th) so maybe we could hook up for a bit of knitting or just tea??

  8. YES!! yesyesyes It’s in my diary already πŸ™‚ You know you’re very welcome to stay if you would like. All of you. There’s plenty of room.

    I love the idea of your granny’s needles knitting socks again. There’s a great booklet of downloadable patterns on the V&A website from WWII including socks and balaclavas and suchlike items “for the forces”.

    I have bone crochet hooks from my great aunt but I’ve never seen a pattern for crocheted socks.

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