Infinite incommensurability

Word pouches clutched the heart of earth as the lead-lark plummeted. Schrödinger’s quantum addressivity exploded in its firework multiplicity. Ambiguously undulating pigeons frighted chaos and old night.

There was also liquid quintessence of christmas pudding with emperor’s ice cream.

sherry with a spot of ice cream

And mushrooms.


But not necessarily in that order.


A damn fine, unboxed, cat.

cannibal jaywalker

And I knat.

UPDATE: And if you want some depth and sense and beauty on the matter, go here.

8 Replies to “Infinite incommensurability”

  1. Incommensurate indeed.

    Weirdly I never connected the fact we were eating icecream with the Emperor. Hmm.

    I love that picture of Travis. He is a VERY handsome cat.

  2. Amanda – I think Travis-the-cat had the curds. But I bet they were concupiscent. How could they be otherwise? Look at him! 🙂

    I think, Alistair, *you* might be the Emperor since it was your ice cream. I failed to mention how divine the fragrant Thai gorgeousness was, which was remiss. It was divine.

  3. The ice cream photo is so luscious I have an almost uncontrollable desire to lick my computer screen.

    Also, I love all of your knitting photos. You always seem able to capture the complexity of the design juxtaposed with the aggressive simplicity of the needles. It’s the hard boldness of the needles’ angles against the soft complexity of the pattern. I love it! And may I also say that you are a master of composition? Mondrian has nothing on you. The way you balance light and dark and color based on the visual power is outstanding.

    OK, enough compliments for one night!

  4. Wayne, if I did not know you to be ascetic to the point of monkishness I would suspect you’d been at the sherry yourself 😉

    Thank you so much. You have made me smile all day. Particularly the Mondrian comparison. I remember going to a huge retrospective and being blown away by the increasing abstraction of trees into lines and planes.

    Now I have to learn how to paint with watercolours. Gulp!

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