Highly suggestible with great frontal lobes

That is going to be my strap-line should I ever decide to advertise for Mr Darcy. Not only is it pithy it also has the benefit of being a conclusion arrived at by rigourous (I presume) scientific testing.

Yes, I went over to the Maudsley again today for more guinea-piggery for Dr Bell and his hypnotism research. Today was great fun, a bit like an extended puzzle page from the paper. I have no idea what it’s got to do with hypnotism but apparently it was to test frontal lobe function. And I’ve got a pretty whizzy pair, it would seem.

I like this research business. Not only is it entertaining and gets me out of the house, it also tells me I’m very. Very suggestible. Very frontal lobal. But the pleasure from veryness is bizarre. I don’t want to be very. I want to be normal, average, in the middle, cozy, surrounded. I used to aspire to very as a solace, a justification. Further work required.

This morning the misty light was not sufficiently bright to be pearlescent. It was more moonstoneish. “Look up!” said Secondspawn on the way to school, pointing to the black silhouette of jagged branches against a grey sky. “It looks like we’re in a black and white film”. Colour was, indeed, mostly absent. But there was enough of it about for these pictures to work better without the colour entirely drained from them, I think.

tree drip

Is it not amazing, the physical property of water when a liquid?

bud drips

On large things the drips are large. On small they are small.

stem drips

The mist was directional – the hairs on that stem were moist to the south, dry to the north.

hip drips

I loved the way this web was slung around that hip. And I’ve always longed to take a decent picture of the moss that grows out of wall-mortar. This tiny clump was particularly bejewelled.

moss drips

And finally, as they say on the news, what the hell is this? The outline of a glove, certainly, but how did it get on the top of a bus shelter in such a way? The last signs of a disintegrated fabric having rotted away over a period of years? Or some prank, perhaps, by a student at the art college outside which it is situated. Puzzling and rather lovely.

glove? top of a bus shelter

Very little knitting done though.

9 Replies to “Highly suggestible with great frontal lobes”

  1. I thought the frontal lobes were parts of the brain. But those are really beautiful photographs, the best you’ve done for a while. We can’t regret the lack of knitting when you’re out with a macro lens instead.

  2. Wow. Utterly gorgeous photos. You must tell me more about the frontal lobes thing. Knowing more about ourselves is always empowering, I think.

  3. Hahahahaha. Dale must have MREyes* since even I, in the privacy of my own boudoir, have never seen my frontal lobes. But copping a look is the reason for taking part in the research – I want to have a scan!

    The photographs were just all there, waiting to be taken, and luckily I had my camera. I’ve been remiss about carrying it around lately. They thank you for your appreciation.

    *Like x-ray eyes but with magnetic resonance.

  4. Frizzy, you will never, ever be average and in the middle, but I hope you will often be cozy and surrounded!
    Photos are nonpareil.

  5. TG, I know *exactly* what you mean 🙂

    Lucy, your affirmation sounds slightly Confucian in that “interesting times” sort of way, but yes, I too hope surrounding coziness is a frequent feature of times both interesting and otherwise.

    Jean, I’m afraid I know nothing about frontal lobes except what wikipedia tells me. Which is that they’re big and they do a lot of stuff and have nothing to do with IQ, whatever that may be. If I discover more I’ll let you know.

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