Conclusive evidence

conclusive evidence

…that one skein is not enough.

A kitchen balance is useful in so many ways. On this occasion it is showing me that the first of the pair has already used more than half the available yarn, as I had feared might be the case. On other occasions it demonstrates things like Little  Blue Teddy being heavier than Baby Bear despite the latter having larger dimensions.

Oh bother.

I have a choice. Unravel the item and make a pair shorter than instructed so one skein will be sufficient or get another skein and have 3/4 of it left over.

Common sense and fiscal prudence dictate the former. Love of yarn and an excuse to go back to the shop tug in the other direction.

5 Replies to “Conclusive evidence”

  1. Assuming your scale is perfect. When I am cooking I have to put the smallest weight (5g or 1/4 oz) into the pan to get it to balance…

  2. 🙂 I’m glad it made you smile, Dale. The colour/s is/are indeed just magically wonderful. There are purples and reds and greens too. It’s called “twilight”. And aptly so.

    Luckily despite being 20 years old my scale is still in balance although quite how it’s survived the younger members of the household hauling it about while “cooking” I don’t know. We’ve lost all our small weights too, no doubt during the latter process. Unfortunately I think you can’t buy single weights which is rather annoying.

    Discretion has been the better part of valour in terms of the project. I undid the first one, divided the skein into two equal balls (using the scales of course) and have remade one item slightly wider and a lot shorter. The thumbs for both are going to have to be a contrasting colour which is annoying but not terminally so. The new, super-thrifty me baulked at the time and £10 involved in traversing London and buying another skein. Plus the inevitable expense of whatever else my feeble will might have buckled beneath the temptation of.

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