11 Replies to “Yoohoo! Mr Darcy!”

  1. Neha is gratified! 😀 You were the envy of the peacocks darling! Moreover, let me also point the gentle folk here towards your final rendezvous with Darcy – wherein you sigh and lean on his shoulder. It’s all rather romantic I think! Here’s the very lovely photograph.

  2. Thank you! (including Dave despite the fact that “yow” is defined as: “interj. Used to express alarm, pain, or surprise.”) It’s a wonderfully comfortable garment but that’s probably because there’s silk in the yarn. I’ll have you know, though, that Neha tried to steal Mr Darcy from me.

  3. :-*

    I fear Mr Darcy is far too busy buckling his swash, or whatever such people do nowadays, to read blogs, but I live in hope 🙂

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