10 Replies to “It grew cold”

  1. London like Vancouver… what a wonderful juxtaposition, and how wonderful that we can make these comparisons.

    Alistair, quaritslurribobo is currently entomologically entangled (although, of course, spiders don’t get admittance) so unless I can convince the eds that there’s a high insect quotient it won’t be a runner (or crawler or hopper or flier for that matter).

    I have no idea from where secondspawn garners his ideations of “heaven”. Certainly not me. I have no problem with them other than an abiding sense of chill which I find rather disturbing. Maybe I managed to wrap him up so warmly that he didn’t notice the ambient temperature.

    It was an outstandingly stunning morning. And my google ads are urging me to hire a string quartet. How delightful.

  2. I adore the top one Makes me feel very unindustrious for not wandering, or wondering, yesterday. It is wonderful how you find such beauty in a part of London not renowned for it.

  3. Dave! the haikus are back!! hurrah!!! acb, Natalie, thanks. That’s what it’s all about, for me. Learning to see.

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