The camping umbrella

the camping umbrella

It is a sad reflection upon the weather both here and, historically, in France and Spain, that the sound of water falling on the taut skin of an umbrella reminds me powerfully of summer holidays. A very large umbrella, ideally a very large umbrella for each person, has always been essential for the camping kit.

The latest incarnation (because we regularly lose them) is a very fine golfing umbrella purchased from the sports section of a well-known department store. It’s now also known as the “taking to school” umbrella since it’s big enough for one adult, one child and one dog if the latter is on a short lead.

The sky is dull and grey, it is wet and blowy, but the willows in the park have been trimmed to be their own umbelliferous forms with their yellowed leaves echoing the brolly’s fabric.

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