You *can* make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear (and other excitements)

There’s a meme-with-a-difference going round… ask, and ye shall receive. Or rather comment, and you’ll get something in the post. As in the snail-mail, not the blog entry. Or perhaps both. For the first four supplicants.

I first saw it at Jean‘s where people were being backward in coming forward. I asked for a thick ear, and lo! here it is:

silk purse

You’re not really allowed to specify what you want but she kindly obliged, albeit with a liberal interpretation.

So now it’s my turn. The first four people to request in the comments will get either a print of a picture of their choice or a bespoke knitted gewgaw. And the duty of continuing the tradition.

Other excitements include the qarrtsiluni widget in the sidebar (far right, you might need to scroll down a bit) displaying the most recent entries of that august ‘zine. Some of which have added ear-candy. There’s still a fortnight to go to submit items on the current theme, Insecta. There are some incredible photographs there.

I put together this montage of various aspects of the fruit fly (Drosophila) from copyright free material found hanging around on the web but it wasn’t the sort of thing the (excellently) stringent editors were looking for. I like it, though 🙂 We know so much about this organism. And so little.


It’s better bigger, so click here to see it at a reasonable size.

The latest Festival of the Trees, November Arborea, is up at Larry Ayres’ Riverside Rambles and there’s a mouthwatering quantity of photographs among this month’s offerings.

And then there’s the new banner. Over at Krista‘s. Which is exceedingly exciting. (She tells me humans see more verticals than horizontals which makes me feel better about the difficulty I had forcing myself to see sideways, even a little bit.)

In fact it’s almost as exciting as the knitting project we’ve got, um, round our necks. Almost. But not quite. Because few things could be that exciting. I expect further bloggage on the subject will be forthcoming.

And don’t forget – if you’d like a print or a knitted trifle just say so in the comments.

8 Replies to “You *can* make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear (and other excitements)”

  1. People are just too damn polite… I really don’t want you to send me anything I just wanted to say I really like that fruit fly montage. If you sent me anything I’d feel obliged to send a food parcel of Connetable sardines in sauce and duck pate with truffles (though not foie gras, have to draw the line somewhere…) for the cat for Christmas.

    (I spell it jewjaw, is this wrong?)

  2. Hmmm. Google (my infallible spell-checker) doesn’t like jewjaw. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I’ve no idea how the word is pronounced having only ever read it.

    I Mario would *love* a food parcel as described above. Are you sure you don’t want something? Maybe I could send a *print* of the fruit fly montage. Imagine the humiliation if nobody wanted anything.


  3. I would totally sign up, but I already have some of your lovely prints and we’re up to other things and so more would just be selfish. But I wanted you to know that I would!

  4. I don’t do memes, so please don’t send me anything, but I’m happy that you liked and are using the widget. It has already improved my opinion of the thing to see it here. The banner at Thinkery looks great. Blogs with large banners can really look nice when they’re well designed and use striking images, I think. And I’ve always said and written “geegaw.”

    I’m sorry they didn’t take your image, but these occasional disappointments are more than outweighed by my relief at not having to make tough decisions and say “no” to people, so I’m endlessly grateful to our valiant guest editors for all their time, effort, and dedication to the cause.

  5. Print-swapping. What a great idea. You’re on.

    And will nobody take up this lovely offer? Oh dear.

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