Out and about


I was out and about today, and took the camera.

First to St Martin-in-the-Fields for a short (very short) period of quiet for Just This Day. It seemed particularly appropriate to think about the peace talks in Annapolis. I had read Rachel’s post about hope before I left in the morning, and rather unexpectedly, it was hope that I found.

Then to the Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. I managed not to be utterly depressed and demotivated by exposure to wonderful photographs. My favourite was taken by a 24-year-old who sounded, from the blurb beneath the picture, to be a complete hero. I also liked this one and this one. You can scroll through all the pictures in the exhibition from any of the previous three links.

A spot of spawn-stocking-present-shopping left me exhausted and with a very heavy bag so I retired to an excellent cheap Spanish greasy spoon and took pictures through the window while consuming hearty paella.I’m breaking all my self-imposed rules about taking pictures of people. I only asked one of the subjects shown above if I could photograph them.

2 Replies to “Out and about”

  1. Lots of fascinating portraits. I thought a few looked as if they could have been made by the same person. All good though. Where’s the greasy spoon?

  2. Yes, there’s a certain sameness about the dead defiant stare in a lot of them.

    The greasy spoon is in Stukely Street. I’d gone to Drury Lane to get blank cards for the spawn to make festive stuff for their friends from my favourite cheap office/stationary shop only to discover (as shown in the second picture in the slideshow) that it had been gutted. As was I. Comfort food was required.

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