7 Replies to “Maizy”

  1. No, she’s not lost. Or rather she was, but I found her again when I realised I should listen for her rustling in the drifts of leaves. That was the other day, of course, before it started pouring and the leaves still rustled.

    Thanks Krista 🙂

  2. Very glad she’s not lost – but I am, on IE 7, and can’t see any of this, though I can usually see your photographs etc.

  3. dale, beth, thanks. Anne, hello! I’m sorry you’re lost. I wonder whether it was something to do with your browser cache? I had a look at the site on someone’s PC running IE earlier today and it all displayed ok. If the problem continues maybe you could tell me more. I know the white background takes an age to load, for which I apologise.

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