A print! a print!


It’s so incredibly satisfying to throw back the two layers of thick fabric after the heavy roller has pressed paper to inked plate, peel the thick, damp paper sloooowly off the plate and find… an image!

That’s not actually a good representation of the print itself which is much more pleasing than that speckled result would suggest.

And here’s the small test plate (made to work out the optimum exposure time for the light-sensitive film on the plate and the length of its subsequent bath in weak acid) together with the test print.

test plate

I made three prints off the large plate of which the first was the most successful. The other two were made far too hastily because of the limited time. There is a profound and unhurried pleasure in applying the extremely viscous ink to the plate and then removing the excess carefully with scrim and newspaper. Try to rush, though, and the impatience can be seen in the end result.

I think next Saturday I am going to aim to get one more image etched to plate even if I don’t manage to print it. I’m very keen to try to take part in the hypnosis research project (mainly, it has to be said, because of the possibility of going on to have a brain scan with the associated image that would produce) but the last chance is next Saturday afternoon. My father is looking after the children so I don’t have to hurtle back.

Also I have just discovered that there is an amazing looking facility, the londonprintstudio, where I might be able to make more prints off any plates I have etched later on. Or indeed make more plates. And it’s on my side of London!

(My fingernails are ineradicably black with ink. I love it!)

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  1. Souds like you’re taking to this like a fish to water! I’m glad. I’ve always thought you were a hell of an artist.

  2. rachel, how absolutely fantastic! I’m sorry to be so late in catching up and finding out about your new printmaking career which is sure to be glorious. The image of the chair works brilliantly and it’s exciting that you’ve discovered the London Print studio, very near you. I did a bit of work there quite a while ago, it’s a great place. Yes, the thrill of peeling the paper off a plate, gradually revealing the print. Never fails to be magical.
    Don’t stop!

  3. Thank you very much, all! It is indeed great fun. And extremely satisfying. And the possibilities seem limitless, or limited only by time and money.

  4. This seems so perfect for you! It’s great to hear your excitement and see these first prints – which are GORgeous! (Dave is right, by the way.)

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